About DSE

What is DSE?

Doctoral Seminars in English is a programme designed for MSc or MA, Polish and foreign  students interested in preparing a PhD thesis in English. The SEMINARS are addressed to students who are advancing or planning career in international environment.

Missions of DSE

The DOCTORAL SEMINARS IN ENGLISH programme is dedicated to two missions; First to educate students to become authorities in their fields. At the DOCTORAL SEMINARS IN ENGLISH we are training men and women who will be the next generation of political and business leaders.  Second, the DSE program provides rigours training to prepare scholars of distinction whose published work and critiques will advance the practices and standards of contemporary academia.


The University offers a number of scholarships to Polish students, as well as students from Central and Eastern Europe. It also helps ALL THE CANDIDATES in their efforts to procure financial support from governmental and nongovernmental agencies.