Call for Abstracts for the PUEB 2018 Doctoral Conference

The goal of the PUEB 2018 Doctoral Conference is to provide a forum in which PhD students can present their work in progress. The conference is a chance for students to get independent and constructive feedback about their research work. This feedback will be provided by the audience of other PhD students and by the PUEB doctors and professors who will actively participate in critical discussions.

Submission Process and Publications

We do accept papers on both initial stage (theoretical papers) and mature stage (research papers). 

All accepted submissions to the Doctoral Conference at PUEB 2018 will be published in cooperating scientific journals or in a post-conference proceedings.

Please send the abstracts to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and PUEB 2018 Conference in the title (e.g. John Smiths PUEB Doctoral Conference 2018)


Cooperating journals:

Journal of Insurance, Financial Markets & Consumer Protection

Research Papers in Economics and Finance


Important dates:

20.04 Abstracts submissions 

07.05 Confirmation

29.06 Conference

31.08 Full texts submissions



Abstracts should not exceed one page.

The presentations should be prepared in PowerPoint format, the presentations should not exceed 12 minutes. 

Full texts must not exceed 10 pages.


Full texts should describe research-in-progress that is meant to lead to a PhD dissertation, using the following structure:

Goal: The problem the research intends to solve,  motivation of why the problem is important and needs to be solved.

Literature review: A review of the existing state of the art.

Resarch method: A description of the proposed research (if applicable)

Expected contributions or obtained results: A list of the expected contributions to both theory and practice or the description of the results

Summary and limitations